Monte Alto Venture Group

Growth is not a question, but a necessity.

In new Markets and new business areas lie the greatest chances, but also the greatest risks.

Monte Alto Venture Group is a privately funded Venture Capital group with its holding’s seat in Zagreb, Croatia.

We specialise in the development of services and investments in specific, profitable and growing markets with future promise.


We develop strategies, business models and products which we firmly believe in, and implement them fully and ready-to-operate.

Our customers can benefit from our experience in innovation and business development through consultancy, but we primarily offer our customers the opportunity to invest in our brands, business models and products.

We do not sell hypothetic success or theoretic concepts, but participations in actual, working, operating ventures.


We are not your typical theoretical consultant. In fact, quite the contrary.

Monte Alto Venture Group is the owner of the brands “Monte Alto Venture”, “Count Zero Records”, “Workoogle”, “RadUAustrijia”, “VentureRent” and “DoctorCheap”.



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Ing. Mag. Georg P. Mavridis, Bakk.

Ing. Mag. Georg P. Mavridis, Bakk.


Monte Alto Venture Group

Margareta Kutnjak Mavridis, mmmmag.

Margareta Kutnjak Mavridis, mmmmag.


Monte Alto Venture d.o.o.

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  • Phone: +385 919190218
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